Spatial Organization


The quality and efficiency of your workflow is directly related to the organization of your workspace. Your time is precious (a minute saved is a minute earned), so don’t settle for disorganization. Anchor Pine stands offer a variety of organization features, including shelves and ledges, that are customized to your personal needs.

Proper Ergonomics


Most modern computer monitors are too low to allow good posture while sitting at your desk. This promotes a hunched back or slouching, neither of which are healthy for your body. Anchor Pine stands are designed to accommodate the combination of your personal height and monitor height, raising your screen to ergonomic eye-height.

Sharp Aesthetics


It is one thing for a product to do its job and do it well, but the apex of design is when that object exhibits beauty and class as well as functionality. Anchor Pine stands are made from premium wood (of your choice) and can be finished with a stain and polyurethane, transforming your desk into an aesthetically pleasing workspace.

“The monitor stand Joshua built for me is perfect! Seriously, he took such great care to be sure that we had the design and size just right. The excellent and detailed craftsmanship in this piece are evident, and it is a functional and beautiful addition to my work space.”

— Dub Oliver, President of Union University


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